Per our Theory of Change, we are interested in addressing each issue within the jewelry and diamond distribution supply chain. In Sierra Leone, where we used to mine diamonds and continue focusing our support given its tumultuous history as a result of diamonds, the human trafficking and sex trafficking trades are frightfully active. Along with multiplying job opportunities through Root Capital loans, we have created the opportunity for our customers to choose to have the profit from their diamonds and jewelry to be directed to helping trafficked victims in Sierra Leone.

Organizational Overview

World Hope International is a relief and development organization working with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice. WHI Takes a holistic approach to tackling poverty by partnering with local communities to determine the most sustainable, grassroots solutions, with the ultimate goal of transferring ownership of all initiatives to the community.

Where we Focus

WHI operates the only, that’s right the only, anti-human trafficking center in all of Sierra Leone. Being a country that witnesses forced labor in the mining sector and sex trafficking to “service” the miners as well as many cases of slaves being brought onto boats to service men in fishing and transportation sectors, this is a dismal reality.

The Recovery Center exists to help survivors of trafficking deal with the intense trauma endured as a victim. At the center, survivors spend many months being treated both physically and emotionally before case workers help place them in safe, supportive living situations, and subsequently follow up monthly for a year.

While Clarity Project is explicitly not a religious-based organization, we are honored to work with WHI, which is supported by many churches and bases its actions on religious beliefs. Upon inspection, it is clear to us that WHI does not push its religion on any of its beneficiaries and is providing a critical service in areas that are desperately in need of this type of intervention, as well as a deep history in taking a sophisticated and holistic approach to the problem. In 2005, for example, WHI led the drafting and revising of Sierra Leone’s Anti-Human Trafficking Act, and has developed safe havens country-wide, called Village Parent Groups, that are trained to identify and respond to human trafficking in addition to housing many of the Recovery Center’s healed survivors.

Learn more about WHI’s Anti-Trafficking and gender-based violence efforts here.

By the Numbers

Women trafficking victims - 49%
Girls trafficking victims - 21%
Men trafficking victims - 18%
Boys trafficking victims - 12%
53 %
of trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation
40 %
of trafficking is for forced labor
7 %
other including organ removal
12 hours
per day
to 15 hours
per day
215 M
children working in exploitative and/or hazardous conditions

spent by children as young as 5-years-old mining for diamonds and gold