Per our Theory of Change, diversifying job opportunities within resource-cursed communities to help rural families build a brighter future is paramount. We are proud to partner with Root Capital, whom we see as the leader in direct lending programs that reach the “missing middle” and rural poor.

Organizational Overview

Root Capital is a nonprofit social investment fund that grows rural prosperity in poor, environmentally vulnerable places in Africa and Latin America. Root Capital seeks to maximize the positive social impact of their work through the three-pronged strategy of: financing, advising, and catalyzing within the community of 2.6 billion individuals living on less than two-dollars per day.

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Where we Focus

Root Capital’s Women in Agriculture Initiative (WAI) resonated with us at Clarity Project profoundly. Through studies of microfinance and grant-making institutions of all kinds, it is clear that economic development is vastly spurred when women are financially empowered compared to the historic default of leaving financial responsibility with the men.

For this reason, Clarity Project supports the WAI, forwarding the profits from our customers who so choose to the infrastructure that allows Root Capital to continue making loans to Woman Led Business.

In 2015, Root Capital had approximately $40,000,000 in loans outstanding to gender inclusive clients, reaching 143,000 female producers within 104 companies (one-third of which throughout East Africa).

By the Numbers

  • Women make up 43% of agricultural labor force yet have proven to operate 20% – 30% more efficiently than men. Giving women equal resources as we give men, therefore, could increase yield by 2.5 – 4%, reducing the hungry population by up to 17%. (UN)
  • Putting economic resources in the hands of women over men translates to improved child nutrition, health, and education. (UN)
  • Female economic empowerment helps to increase her ability to protect herself and her family from sexual violence and abuse. (Gates)

Impact Snapshots:

Learn More about Root Capital’s Women in Agriculture Initiative.