Leaders of Clarity Project have considered entire jewelry supply-chains as well as stakeholder interest in assessing the positive and negative impacts of the diamond and jewelry industries. Having inspected every link in the chain, we have constructed the following Theory of Change as it relates to our activities and desire to use the sale of our diamonds and jewelry as a catalyst for good.

Clarity Project, after all, exists exclusively to give you the ability to wear your luxuries and emblems of love with absolute integrity know the world is a better place because of your thoughtfulness in this purchase.

Clarity Project has a three-pronged approach to addressing the devastation created by portions of the jewelry supply:

  1. Eliminating environmental destruction
    1. Our Lab Grown Diamonds are created in the United States in sophisticated, proprietary laboratories.
    2. Within the cost to purchase our stones, we have built in the ability to offset our carbon emissions generated in the creation of your luxuries.
    3. All metals used in the creation of our jewelry are recycled.
  2. Diversifying job opportunities through Small and Growing Business loans via Root Capital
    1. When Clarity Project was a mining initiative in Sierra Leone, our main goal was to extract stones from the ground in an environmentally conscious way and subsequently utilize that land for agriculture immediately after, diversifying jobs away from the mining sector. This was in direct response to pleas received by community members across West Africa. Diamond mining was often their only option in hopes of a brighter future.
    2. Today, we have maintained the vision of expanding employment opportunities, specifically for women of the communities, through Root Capital’s Women in Agriculture Initiative
  3. Addressing human trafficking and forced labor within the sector with World Hope International (WHI)
    1. WHI identifies, houses, and helps the recovery of survivors of human trafficking for forced labor as well as sex slavery
    2. By transitioning our diamond sourcing to the creation of lab grown diamonds as well as cutting in Canada and creating our jewelry in Boston, Massachusetts, we can assure that our entire supply chain is void of any improprieties or poor working conditions incurred in your heirloom’s journey.