To sell one-million pieces of jewelry, with an average of $1,000 being directed into a personal microfinance fund.
This will generate a one-billion-dollar development fund to be deployed over, and over, and over.

  • 10% of all orders below $10,000 and 15% of all orders above $10,000 will be allocated to the personalized microfinance fund.
  • Within three years or less we will continue reallocating for as long as your love rings true. You will watch the impact of your love for each other radiate across the world into the next generation.
  • Pass down your heirlooms and teach your children the value in giving by watching the loans change the lives of individuals and communities alike.
  • Upon repayment of that loan, within three years, we will reallocate the capital to continue spreading the love.
  • Upon ordering your piece of jewelry, we will launch the microfinance fund and, with your direction (should you identify a region, industry, or project that is of particular interest) or upon our expert analysis of what is needed where, we will allocate the money to individuals in need through Kiva.org, RootCapital.org, and other microfinance partners.
Why Microfinance?

The world needs many tools and strategies working hand-in-hand to create real and lasting change within disadvantaged and resource cursed communities. At times, straight philanthropy is the most effective, other times job creation.

Clarity Project is choosing Microfinance as we believe in the power of individual and groups of entrepreneurs leveraging the power of their local capabilities and resources to live healthy and productive lives. The regenerative nature of microfinance, allowing one to help multiple people, villages, communities, over time is also very fitting with our ethos.

Some statistics that went into this decision:

$ 638
average loan size
2. 5 b
people live without
bank account
18 - 36
month average loan duration
20 %
of the world's population lives
under $2 per day
98 .8%
repayment rate
$ 8 .7 b
currently circulates in the largest 111 Microfinance Institutions
Where your contribution is working

By altering the supply chain in the diamond industry we are at risk of taking jobs away from artisanal diamond miners and affecting their livelihoods. However, through lengthy discussions within diamond mining communities, it is clear that job diversification is a top desire and priority in these areas. Most mining teams want the diamonds out of their ground so they can use that money to start a farm, send their children to school, and start small enterprises.

Our microfinance loans will enable them to fast-track these desires.

However, microfinance can help in every corner of the globe, including here in the United States. According to your personal goals in driving development and positive change through your most precious possessions, we can help find the right individual and/or region to allocate to.

Our Partners

Clarity Project will allocate and track its microfinance loans through their local field-partner networks and

Microfinance Resources