Throughout history diamonds have been a symbol of eternal love and yet the many steps each diamond takes is riddled with potentially horrible consequences. At Clarity Project, we believe a diamond’s journey should be a fairy tale, not a murder mystery.

After years of attempting to instill better values into the supply chain of natural diamonds with little success, Clarity Project now uses exclusively Lab-Grown (LG) Diamonds and gems as it is the only way (short of visiting diamond mines and digging yourself) to be entirely sure your gifts, offered in love and kindness, do not leave a disastrous wake in its past. LG Diamonds are chemically, physically, and structurally exactly identical to their natural twins. This is the real thing.

Given the extreme difficulty in creating gem-quality stones, a process which has taken over sixty years to foster, LG diamonds are significantly more rare and special than their natural counterparts.

All of Clarity’s diamonds and gems are certified by the same governing body which inspects and qualifies all others. Each of our stones is laser inscribed as an LG Diamond to ensure confidence that no forced labor, child employment, or environmental degradation has been experienced in any part of the process to deliver you something so precious. Clarity Project even goes so far as to offset its carbon footprint in the birth of your diamonds.

Made in the USA

All of Clarity’s diamonds are born in the USA. Our jewelry is designed in-country and fabricated in Boston, Massachusetts. We are proud to use only the highest-quality recycled metals and to keep the creation of your jewelry local.

Environmentally Sound

Aside from the vast social implications that Clarity Project’s model addresses, we have environmental concerns as well. After all, you want your great grandchildren to enjoy their heirlooms while dancing on earth, breathing clean air.

To that end, Clarity Project offsets the carbon emissions caused by the creation of your diamonds through: