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Bostonian Jewelers & Manufacturers is a family owned and operated Boston-based custom jewelry design house. Designing and creating fine one of a kind engagement rings, wedding rings and celebration jewelry on-site for the past 35 years. Bostonian’s creative designs, precise restorations and expert repairs have driven change and set newer and higher standards for the jewelry industry. Bostonian’s Downtown showroom is a comfortable boutique environment, unlike any other. When you visit, you will see free standing cases that allow you to view our current designs on both sides. Workstations where you can comfortably sit with our jewelry designer or jewelry restoration experts to share your inspiration brainstorm or discuss your repair and restoration. The design center includes comfortable seating, a large screen monitor for viewing designs, works in progress or to have online access for gathering, sharing ideas and inspirations.

Bostonian Jewelers is recognized locally and nationally as a leading expert in restorations of important period jewelry. Bostonian has been accredited by Skinner Inc. of Boston for quality restoration work and timely process. As the first in Boston to install and successfully utilize some of the industry’s newest technologies, Bostonian Jewelers is considered to be a pioneer in the art and technique of laser welding, 3D-CAD and 3D-Printing. This type of sophisticated equipment, technology and generations of experience help to further separate Bostonian Jewelers with more robust and unsurpassed level of quality in both restorations and innovative designs.

“Bostonian’s vision, innovation and craftsmanship are surpassed only by its passion for service and the lasting bond it has with its clients. Throughout its history, Bostonian Jewelers and Manufacturers has driven change and set new and higher standards in the jewelry industry. We invite you to come in and experience it for yourself.”  Hagop Matossian, CEO