Clarity Project seeks to recast the diamond industry as a driver of development and prosperity in impoverished and resource cursed communities.

We believe in the sentiment and allure diamonds and feel a diamond’s history should be as pure as the gesture of giving it to someone you love, allowing you to wear it with pride, confidence, and adoration for the moments it represents.

Our Journey

The six-year path we have taken to arrive at selling the finest LG Diamonds to produce your precious heirlooms has been sinuous given the deep-seeded ethical violations riddled throughout the diamond supply chain. After years of sourcing the best diamonds we could find with various levels of integrity in their past from Namibia, Botswana, and Lesotho, we decided to start our own mine with minimal success. We pivoted in every way imaginable and reached out to industry leaders whom we thought to share our desire for diamonds that are traceable back to their origin, and clean from doing any harm along the way. Sadly, at the time, we realized that within the current system, this cannot be done at scale, as others have discovered. Click here to read a more detailed account of our timeline, decisions, creativity, the brick walls we scaled, and those we could not.

Many are trying to do great things and will claim an ethical nature to their stones, but the reality is that unless you mine the diamond yourself or purchase LG Diamonds, you simply cannot know its true narrative.

We are very proud offer our customers products we can all share about with great pride – from its origin to its long road ahead of changing the world through acyclical microfinance strategy with the proceeds from its sale.

Why it Matters

Consumers see diamonds as the purest gift they can give to express their love, yet, their path does not share the same positive nature. Throughout history, the discovery of diamonds has led to extreme devastation and warfare in order to deliver luxuries to the lucky few. While incredibly well intentioned, the scheme put in place to cease all destruction in the name of diamonds, The Kimberley Process, has disappointed even those who created it.

“In many developing countries, diamonds were at the best of times, economically speaking, a zero-sum game, and at the worst of times the center of cataclysmic violence.”

– Ian Smillie, key founder of The Kimberley Process (KPCS) and Chairman of Development Diamond Initiative (DDI)

Diamonds with a shadowed past continue to be nearly risk-free options for global money laundering and catalysts for corrupt practices.

We encourage you to enjoy the sparkle of diamonds without compromising your ethos.

Thank You

Clarity Project thanks our many, many supporters, partners, and believers. A special thank you to Vilas Dhar, Andrew Straub, Rowan Finnegan, Rachel Lichte, Shane Rogers, Jesse Finfrock, Lita Asscher, Albert Tucker, Milly Terry, Ngomesia Meyer-Kechom, Steven Sannoh, Tiffany Persons, Kadie Kondeh, Dre MckEnzie, Sahr Ngaujah, Jim Sintros, Sheila Warren, Susan Mac Cormac, Eric Talley, Mike Smith, Brian Johnson, Marshall Serwitz, Robert Sullivan, Russell Agee, Pietari Grohn, Molly Conley, Paula Rosine Long, Raphael Bemporad, David Lubensky, Mitch Baranowski, Dan Heath, Jackie Rogers, Christina Yagjian, Mark Engstrom, Ian Kelly, Keeva Kase, Erika Weinthal, Greg Dees, Thomas Siepelmeyer, and our beloved friends & families!