Clarity Project is a social enterprise experimenting with a
zero-profit motive model of diamond distribution and jewelry creation.

Many jewelers create and sell with integrity and donate small portions of profits.

We exist EXCLUSIVELY to give you a symbol of love that fulfills
dreams, expresses love, and give the profits away.

Every Penny. Love it!



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Clarity Diamonds are grown in the United States and all energy consumption is offset. The IIa, labgrown diamonds we create are the finest in the world, standing higher than 98% of all diamonds found in the exploitative process of mining.

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Clarity Jewelry is designed and manufactured in Boston, Massachusetts by our jewelry partner, a multi-generational family business, Bostonian Jewelers. All metals utilized in our jewelry designs are recycled. By working with a group with decades of experience, we can offer the creation of even the most intricate custom designs.

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There’s a lot to Clarity Project. With a history in diamond mining and establishing best practices in alluvial mining, inspection of every level of the diamond supply chain, and now expertise and confidence only in Lab Grown Diamonds, we have a lot of stories to share with you.


You’re not shopping for yourself, are you? Of course not. Look at you. You care so much about the person to whom you will give this gift that you care about its very origin – beyond that, its path onto the body of the person or people you love! You want this to mean something. To us, that’s called shopping with absolute integrity. And that takes work.

Similarly, we sell with absolute integrity. To be honest, we don’t need much to live on: A safe home, healthy food, and a happy family. We’re not trying to amass a fortune, so we are building Clarity Project as a social enterprise that gives every penny away that we can. Beyond that, there’s so much confusion and mystery in the diamond and jewelry world that we want to completely eliminate for you.

With Clarity you get fewer middlemen, no mystery, no misery, and lots of love.

If that doesn’t make your diamonds sparkle, we don’t know what will.


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I gave Laura her ring Monday morning. She absolutely loves it. Perfect size stone, the setting is just her style, and it fits perfectly. More importantly she was thrilled to hear about Clarity Project and is wearing her ring with more pride than she otherwise would have. Little background, we went to this newly re-opened historic/landmark hotel in Watch Hill, RI “The Ocean House. 5 AM rolled around and I planted the ring on the nightstand and started my day” admittedly with a fair bit of noise. She woke up and checked the alarm clock and flopped back in bed. She didn’t notice the ring right away, and when I asked her to look again I got down on a knee. Beautiful place, great sunrise over the ocean, and a surprising time of day to get the question. Thanks again to you and the design team for your work. I’ll be in touch to discuss bands in the near future!


When he told me the story behind the ring and Clarity Project, I was thrilled! Environmental and social responsibility are high priorities for me, and it is such a joy to wear a stunning piece of jewelry that symbolizes our love and commitment and helped support a great cause. I know that Aaron and Shane worked closely on the design (Aaron told me he secretly photographed my jewelry so that Shane could get a sense of what I like). Many thanks to Clarity Project for helping make this time of our lives so very special!


I was finally able to pick up the ring today and it is absolutely gorgeous. If all goes according to plan, I’ll put it into action on Tuesday… it’s the day after our play’s opening night, so I’m pretty sure she won’t be expecting it. Thank you sooo much for all your help with this, and we’ll be in touch about the wedding bands when we get a better idea of our plans. Thanks!


Thanks for making this process move so smoothly. The ring is really sparkly!!!


I proposed last Wednesday, and she loves the ring. Thanks so much.


A good friend of mine told me about Shane of Clarity Project and told me that he was just the man to get the job done. Shortly after an email introduction, Shane and I met to design the rings together. It was so easy, he listened to my story, understood the importance, and promised that the rings would be done to perfection. I trusted Shane from the get go and felt confident in the promise he made me. Shane is a man of his word! My rings are amazing, everything I asked for and more. I would Highly recommend Clarity Project for anyone that is looking to build a one-of-a-kind piece.


Thanks for all your help getting us our wedding rings in such a short time frame. They’re fantastic, and we think its fantastic that we were able to start our life together with rings that are beautiful and also represent our values.


It’s special to have a necklace that has two meanings when you wear it: the love of family, and making a difference in the world.


I love my Clarity Project necklace! I wear it everyday and get so many compliments.


My husband surprised me with a beautiful diamond necklace from Clarity Project for my 60th birthday. It’s so wonderfully simple yet very, very elegant, that I find myself wearing it with jeans as well as for special occasions. I feel so honored to be wearing it. It holds such an incredible story of the journey of the diamond and of the fair trade gold that you used.


We received the rings, and they are perfect.


Thank you all so much! I love it and know she will too: She said yes!!!